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Filling Guns

Filling Guns

Battery Watering Guns with Automatic Shutoff

No battery room should be without this essential battery maintenance tool. Simply connect the watering gun to a standard hose or a MPE Water Deioniser. put the tip of the watering gun in the cell and pull the ergonomic trigger. The watering gun automatically shuts off at exactly the right level. The MPE Watering Gun dramatically speeds up the process of watering industrial batteries and improves operator safety. 

Automatic Shutoff – The Watering Gun fill cells to precisely the correct level. The shutoff is so positive you can actually feel it. 

Safe – It keeps eyes and face away from battery hazards, and reduces backache from bending over batteries. It is insulated to prevent sparking on connectors.

Reliable – The patented shutoff mechanism has been tested to 1 million cycles and proven in hundreds of thousands of tough applications worldwide. Powered by the water itself, it has no solenoids, no electronics and no wiring. 

Fast But Gentle – The flow rate is about 2 gallons/minute (8 l/m) which is fast enough for the largest cells. Yet the flow is gentle enough to fill a coffee mug.

No Installation Cost – Attach the Gun to any standard hose and you have a fully operating battery filling system. A built-in regulator automatically reduces high water pressure so no adjustments are needed ever. The minimum water pressure required is 15 psi (1.0 bar).

Battery Watering Gun Models
All automatic shutoff models have the following features:

Automatic shutoff & pressure regulator 
High flow rate – 2 gallon/minute (8 liters/min) 
Immediate installation – Attaches to any standard hose with included quick connect fittings 
Insulated against short circuits 
Original, best selling Watering Gun 



MPE 300 Battery Water Deioniser

Make your own pure water directly from your tap water. Our
De-Ionizer reduces the high price of buying bottled water and it's more convenient as well. Each disposable cartridge purifies about 600 gallons of water and the purity light will tell you exactly when the cartridge is used up. Why let impurities in your water reduce the life of your battery, when this system is so easy to use and so cost effective? Our De-Ionizer is pressurized to use directly with MPE Watering Guns

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY DE-IONIZERS:. Not just a filter, which only removes particles, but a real ion-exchange medium which electrostatically removes dissolved impurities. Purity is comparable with distilled water and ideal for batteries.

GIANT SIZE: The cartridge is over 2 feet long and rated for 600 gallons of pure water. Actual output varies with tapwater quality. 

BATTERY POWERED PURITY LIGHT: This "magic eye" monitors the conductivity of the output water continuously and signals when it is time to change the cartridge. There is no better purity control available at any price. The purity light is powered by batteries avoiding the requirement for A/C power

Pressure Reducer

Pressure Reducer

Filling adapter, 10psi adjustable, static pressure regulator for use with BFS filling systems



The bfs plug is available to suit all cell vent plug
types. The push-in plug is manufactured as a one
piece unit, bayonet and threaded plugs consist of
a master plug and adap­tor. The correct electrolyte
level is achieved by float selection. Fifteen different
snap-on floats are available. The electrolyte level in each cell is indicated by a white level indicator
fitted in each plug. 

The water enters the cell through the bfs plug and
raises the electrolyte to a preset level controlled
by the float. The float raises and closes the valve
in the plug by a 2.5:1 lever action (bfs patent). 
When the electrolyte level drops, the float operated valve will open automatically. Every time the system is connected to a water supply, the electrolyte level will rise to the selected preset level. A water trap in the bfs plug avoids an exchange of gas between the cells and prevents intercell flashovers.                        



       Valve openValve closed 
              Valve open                   Valve closed

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